Mendel's Beans
Eureka Info
Holder: Kildo
First Appearance: Case 3

Mendel's Beans is a Eureka currently in the possession of Kildo.


Gregor Mendel discovered the scientific principle of genetic inheritance when he cross-breed two species of peas. The resulting pea plant had a mixture of traits that was similar to the two species. (There are two kinds of traits: dominant and recessive.)

This “eureka” moment led to the development of genetics.


When ingested, it has the ability to mutate people's cells, thus transforming them into monsters. If the person consuming the beans is dead, their body glows. If they are living, there seems to be no external changes. To the world, they look and act like regular people. They only turn into monsters at Kildo's behest. Once transformed, they will follow his orders.

Kildo can also consume the beans. When he does, it gives him new powers. His feet and hands turns into claws. He even gains a pair of wings.