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Chitose Toriiooji
Name Chitose Toriiooji
Kanji 鳥居大路千歳
Romanji Toriiooji Chitose
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Research Assistant
Partner Haiji
Personal Status
Relatives Chitose's Mother (Mother)
Chitose's Father (Deceased)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Case 1

Chitose Toriiooji is the deuteragonist of the Hungry Joker series written and illustrated by Tabata Yuuki. She is the research assistant of Haiji. She is currently living with her mom.


Not much is known about Chitose's past, except that her dad died six years ago. It is also unknown how she became Haiji's research assistant.


She has brown eyes and a short black hair. She wears a white lab coat on top a wine sweart and a black skirt with brown shoes. She use glasses and a small purple ribon as a tie.In the beginning of chapter 4 she's using her original clothes but without the coat.

Her pajama consist of small drawings of cherry blossoms



Even though Chitose is often with Haiji during battles, she doesn't do anything but watch from the sidelines. She lacks any real abilities. Haiji even remarked that she is a subpar research assistant, possessing a lower intelligence compared to other assistants.

However, she has the ability to bring about changes on Haiji. He remarked that the moment Chitose became his assistant, his research on glowing corpses and the black apple started picking up steam. He also claimed that the tea she makes for him puts him at ease.


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