Black Apple
Eureka Info
Holder: Haiji
First Appearance: Case 1

Black Apple is a Eureka currently in the possession of Haiji.


According to legend, Isaac Newton stumbled upon the phenomenon of gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree. Eventually, he realized that the force that caused the fruit to descend perpendicular to the ground is also the same one that makes heavenly bodies move.

This “eureka” moment led to the understanding of universal gravitation, the formulation of the three laws of gravity, and classical mechanics.


Haiji believes that the apple currently in his possession was the same one that led Newton to his "eureka" moment.


Taking a bite of the apple gives the user the ability to control gravity. This enables the user to control objects with much ease. Furthermore, the person can choose how to apply gravity. Haiji defeated Jamesby applying gravity to a small area and then hitting him with it, thus slashing him in half.

However, the duration of this power is proportional to how much of the apple was eaten. For example, a single bite would only last about five minutes. Repeated consumption would lead to internal bleeding as shown when Haiji tried to manipulate the fallen building during his first battle with Kildo. The apple can instantly regenerate by itself.